iPhone OS 3.0 GM, what missing?

I’m not going to lie and say that I expected unannounced features from Apple in the new iPhone 3.0 software, but I am a little put out at the lack of parallels between the current iLife (09) and the iPhone.

Bad Stuff (first, cause thats how I roll)

  • Where is my ability to upload to Facebook and Flickr? I can do it in iLife but there seems to be no parallel in the iPhone ‘photos’ app, even in 3.0, what gives?
  • Why can’t I move photos into other album? Create, rename, and publish albums? Where is this (hopefully) simple functionality?
  • The iPhone’s newfound ability to copy/share batches of photos (instead of one at a time) is fantastic. Both times I’ve tried to send about 20 photos to myself, the email app crashed. I can only hope this bug is resolved in future updates.

Good Stuff

  • CalDAV appears to be working well. This is a great enhancement that allows you to  use your Google Acounts calendars instead of ones local to your iPhone/computer.
  • Pictures appear to be sharper through some sort of change to the software (as reported).
  • There is now a preview square that acts as the ‘review’ button for photographs, allowing you to see a tiny representation of the last photo you took.
  • Call logs/VM now show which number a contact called from (home, cell, work, etc.).
  • The ability to email a contacts vCard is now present, via ‘Share Contact’ on the contact’s info page.

Overall the update is a strong one, I’m just sad to see the photo app is still so lacking.






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