Color me disgusted…

…with Cash For Clunkers.

I really thought I liked the idea until I watched this video.

That car doesn’t look old enough to participate in the program to me, and it seems like instead of taking old beat up buckets of bolts off the road, they’re taking decent used cars that people could either use or scavenge parts off of. I realize that this whole program is designed to ‘stimulate’ the business of selling new cars. However, I can’t help but feel that they are ruining the business of affordable cars for young or disadvantaged people who can’t afford a new vehicle, even with CFC rebates and other discounts. On top of making affordable cars harder to access, they are ruining plenty of parts that could be used to maintain older cars, or repurposed by enthusiasts.

I’m not buying into the environmental angle either. PLEASE! Watch that video and tell me if you think standing by with a fire extinguisher putting out engine fires is promoting environmentalism.

When this program was promoted by similar legislation in other countries it sure looked like people were turning in clunkers, not perfectly good, running Volvos that were obviously FAR from being worn out.
What a joke.

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