Vanilla/Peach Homemade Ice Cream!

Yum! Mom and Dad brought a whole box of peaches home from Chelan. Of course, they all got ripe around the same time that I decided ice cream was a good idea. Overall it was delicious, the base was a little light, but I will have to experiment with that in depth, so here is a tentative recipe.


Ice Cream Base (Standard Ben and Jerry’s Base#1)
2 – Large Eggs
3/4 Cup – Sugar
2 Cups – Heavy Cream
1 Cup – Milk

2 – Ripe and delicious peaches!
1 TBSP – Sugar
A few drops of vanilla extract.

Whisk eggs together for 1 – 2 minutes in a medium bowl, until fluffy. Slowly beat in ice cream base sugar. Once all the sugar has been added continue to beat the mixture for about 1 minute. Mix in heavy cream and milk.

At this point I put the mixture in the freezer and prepared the peaches.

Run hot/warm water from the tap, and rub/tear/peel the skin from the peaches. There is probably an approved method for this, but I was in a hurry. One way or the other, peel those peaches! Since our peaches were not ‘free-stone’, in other words, the pits remain attached to the flesh, even when ripe, I simply cut slabs off the fruit since it will be mashed in the end anyway.

In a bowl add the fruit and the sugar for the flavoring. Using a potato masher (or a similar, possibly more appropriate tool) I mashed the fruit into small pieces with the sugar. This allowed a lot of the juice to mix with the sugar. This is one thing I would change, I would have mashed the peaches into almost a paste, to better distribute the flavor. Add a few drops of vanilla extract and mix it all up.

Now you’ve got your two components. Follow the directions supplied by the manufacturer of your ice cream maker. For ours I started the machine, poured in the base, then the flavor, and let it run for around thirty minutes.

I hope you enjoy. I’ll see if I can get a picture of the finished product tomorrow. Feel free to leave a comment if you enjoyed the recipe.

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