Road Trip 2011: CHELAN!

I love this place. I love it so much that it pains me to pull myself away and write about it. If it weren’t for a slow, lazy evening, and about four authentic Mexican tacos (from a real truck) I probably wouldn’t have even charged my laptop.

Today we woke up and decided that we wanted to spend another night here. Since camping is scarce in the summer (some people book nine months in advance) we had to move to another campsite. Out of 41 into 49! There is a loop at the far end of the state park campground here that has about 30 walk-in campsites. Some are 100 feet down a steep path (like 41) and others are only about 15 feet down (like 49). The sites closer to the camp store are preferable due to their distance from the shared docks that always attract a louder crowd.

Mom and Dad camping

Mom and Dad camping in Chelan

Around one o’clock we headed into town for a burger and a swim. Lakeside Drive-In has decent burgers. Their patties are extremely thin, so order the Double Mack Burger if you’re hungry at all. Their fries and shakes are also pretty decent, and they have their own special blend of seasoning salt. After lunch it was time for some napping/swimming.

Campsite #49

Sweet, sweet campsite #49

Chelan City Park has a nice beach with a plastic floating dock and a fantastic lawn. A little goose poop didn’t keep us from finding a nice spot to take a nap. The water is a bit warmer here. It is usually pretty crowded here, but today wasn’t too bad. After our first dip, as we were walking out of the water Dad found an army man in the surf. A guy named Michael asked us if we wanted to “play ball” (football) with him. We tossed the ball around with Michael until he grew tired of us and moved on to the volleyball crowd. We took off for a walk in town, and to find a new bauble for Ashley’s belly ring, which mysteriously disappeared at the city park.

Swimming army guy

Our little swimming army guy.

We walked around the little park surrounding the overpass and the channel to the hydroelectric dam at the outflow of the lake, then into the city. Walking the sidewalks we saw a restaurant called the Blue Moon that had burnt in early March. There was a sign out front indicating their plans to rebuild, and the plywood erected to shield the worksite from the public had eyeholes drilled into it a various heights to allow people to get a look at the damage/new construction. Once back at the car we headed for Safeway, and then to dinner at the aforementioned taco truck.


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