Road Trip 2011: Headed for Montana

Alright, that’s it Washington. We headed out for Montana this morning at about 10:30 AM from our sweet campsite in Chelan. We are stopped right now at a roadside dinner called The Viking. Haven’t received our food yet, but the air has a slight vinegary smell to it. Regardless, I am looking forward to my Viking burger and Ashley is looking forward to her (in her own words, sexist) Lady Viking burger. Mom and Dad ordered mushroom swiss and grilled chicken burgers.

UPDATE: Turns out the burgers were quite delicious. Despite the looks of the joint it was pretty awesome. The young guy that waited on us was a great host.

Before we stopped for lunch we explored the city of Sprague. Not what you call bustling, but we did find a dirt parking lot full of old trucks (from the 1930s through the 1950s) which made for a cool photo opportunity. My road trip flip flops (purchased in Missoula in 2007) finally gave up the ghost in Chelan last night, so I am on the hunt for a new pair.

Antique Trucks

Antique trucks in Sprague, WA.

Montana ho!

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