Slow Cooker Balsamic Ribs

Slow Cooker Balsamic Ribs
Recipe By: Ezra Moore

Slow Cooker Ribs


For marinade:
8 cloves Garlic
1 teaspoon Salt
3 tablespoons Rosemary, fresh, finely chopped
2 additional sprigs Rosemary
2 tablespoons Brown Sugar, packed
3/4 teaspoon Cayenne
2 tablespoons Balsamic Vinegar
1/2 – 1 whole rack Baby-back Pork Ribs, with bottom layer of membrane removed
1/2 cup Water

For glaze:
2 cups Hot Water
1 1/2 cups Balsamic Vinegar
1/2 cup Brown Sugar, packed
1/4 teaspoon Liquid Smoke
2 teaspoons prepared BBQ Sauce


1. Finely mince garlic, then mash to a fine paste with 1 teaspoon salt.

2. Mix garlic paste with rosemary, brown sugar, vinegar, cayenne (add a little more for extra heat!)

3. Remove the membrane from the bottom of the ribs. Rinse and pat dry. Add marinade mixture and ribs to ziplock and allow them to marinate in the fridge for up to 24 hours.

4. Put marinaded ribs and water into your slow cooker and set it to high. Place two rosemary sprigs alongside the ribs in the slow cooker. Allow the ribs to cook for approximately 1 hours (or until nearly cooked).

5. While the ribs cook prepare your glaze by combining the hot water, vinegar, brown sugar, liquid smoke, and BBQ sauce in a skillet. Reduce to approximately 1 1/2 cups by boiling the mixture until it becomes thick, like a glaze.

6. After the ribs have cooked for one hour remove them from the slow cooker to a cutting board. Discard the liquid remaining in the slow cooker.

7. Return the ribs to the slow cooker. Pour half of the glaze over the ribs and brush it over the top until they are cover completely. Retain the remainder of the glaze.

8. Cook the ribs an additional 30 minutes (or until done). Remove them from the slow cooker and allow them to cool slightly before cutting them and brushing them with the retained glaze.


So far, this is the most delicious thing I have made. I paired it with baked asparagus. For desert we had lavender and red velvet ice cream. 10/10


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