Website Update: No viruses here

I was running an outdated version of TimThumb with a known vulnerability for a while, I updated my install a while back but apparently some naughty code was left behind and recently became active. If Google caught you in a redirect and warned you that my site may contain malware, fear not! The problem is solved! Back to your regularly scheduled misgivings…

F.Y.I. This link helped me track things down and get the naughty code outtah there!


  1. You still have the problem. I got the redirect message. Check ALL files, and check permissions in your folders. Thanks for the link anyhow! =)

    Timthumb may be the way it got in but you need to completely remove it. 

    • Thank you Geilt. I got some more of it, as much as I could find anywhere on the blog, out of the wp_settings file. Now I’m off to check permissions. I don’t have shell access to my webserver.

      • It seems to be gone now, no more messages here. Good work! Love the blog Design by the way very simple and clean. The pic is nice, whereabouts in the country is that? 

        • Wish I could say the blog design is mine, it is from Elegant Themes. They are awesome.

          The picture, however it mine, it was taken on Whidbey Island in Washington state.

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