Optoma HD70 Color Wheel Update: It lives!


In light of the color wheel failure in my HD70 I was forced to find a replacement.

I have to commend Optoma. Despite their somewhat snippy customer service rep, I am really impressed. I called them four days ago (Monday) after they had closed for the day (why answer the phone if you’re closed?) and ordered a replacement color wheel for my HD70, a projector they haven’t made for about four years. Not only did they have it in stock, and for a reasonable price, but they told me it would be 8 days to arrive and it arrived in less than four. Color me impressed.

After I opened the projector up, pulled all the glass shards out, blew the dust out of it, and installed the new wheel I buttoned it back up, sure enough it fired right up. The only note I can really give to others who attempt this is not to forget to unscrew your color wheel sensor (an optical sensor) from your original color wheel and attached it to the new one before installing it. If you have ever noticed “a dirty color wheel,” manifested by your screen flashing odd colors (usually green), you are actually dealing with dust interrupting the view of this sensor.

I have never been happier that I purchased an Optoma projector, and I won’t hesitate to buy another (when funds permit I’d like to get the HD80 or HD33). When this projector was new the retail price was around $1299, and it was widely thought of as a bargain for a best-in-class unit. I got mine all beat up and not working on eBay for $200. I added a lamp ($245 at the time) and did some cleaning and sealing of ducting and had a working projector. Thanks to Optoma for building us a durable workhorse  that we can repair ourselves!

UPDATE: I wrote this post in January of 2012. Dave, a helpful commenter has attempted to get the color wheel from Optoma and was told that that have EOL-ed all parts for the HD70. For the time being it looks like the grossly overpriced 3rd party sources are our only option for HD70 color wheels. If anyone manages to find a source for the part at a decent price, please drop me a line and I will link it here.


  1. I just had the same problem on my now 5 year old HD70.  The part shows up on ebay but for about twice the price and coming from China, so the Opotoma sourced replacement is a great deal.  Whoever I got on the phone was also very friendly.  I’d also have to very highly recommend Optoma.

    • I’m glad to hear you had a similar experience. I was very impressed with Optoma.
      I notice that you too are an autocross aficionado, always good to meet more people involved in the sport!

  2. Ezra – Thanks again for posting this info. Unfortunately, Optoma CS (very nice, BTW) now says that they are sold out on these and will not be restocking as HD70 is “end of life” i.e. discontinued.

    • Hi Dave,

      I’m sorry you weren’t able to source the part from Optoma. Thanks for posting your info about Optoma EOLing parts for the HD70. I will update the post. The HD70 is an awesome projector. I am looking for a decent deal on an HD33 as things move forward. I don’t care much about the 3D capabilities, just the brightness, picture quality, and legendary Optoma quality.

      Best regards,


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