Day 6: New Glarus, WI to Badlands National Park, SD

We packed up camp and headed for Madison, where we could get on Interstate 90. We stopped at a Starbucks in Madison so that I could update my blog and Paul could do some homework.

The car started making a funny metal-on-metal noise yesterday, I noticed it as we arrived in New Glarus. At our Starbucks stop, it was still making the noise. Either the water pump or the AC compressor is acting up, I’m not sure which. Paul said that the car has made that noise on and off since he bought it, but we are still keeping an eye on it.

Another big 80MPH in a straight line day for us, but thankfully we had a great destination: Badlands National Park. Our day was supremely boring, but we did manage to make 754 miles. We also saw windmills, and excellent reason (given the circumstances) to show you a picture.

Windmills in Minnesota

Windmills in Minnesota. Literally the most exciting thing that happened between New Glarus and the Badlands.

We arrived at the park after dark, so we weren’t able to pick up a park map. We stopped at the first campground we could find within the park. The ground was damp, and it was starting to rain. We hurried to set up camp, and get the flies on our tent before it poured. It looked to be a cold night, so I grabbed a second pair of socks and a blanket to use over my sleeping bag.

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