Maine to Washington: Introducing Road Trip 2013

From Maine to Washington.

Today I embark on what will become, a cross country expedition from Maine to Washington, with my best friend Paul. Paul has spent the last couple of years living near his hometown in Maine to facilitate his (now complete) education at U Maine. Though he was born and raised in Maine, Paul has a wandering spirit and prefers the West coast.

Paul will graduate at the end of this week with a B.A. in Journalism, and was faced with two options. One, sell off his car and any other possessions that won’t fit in the overhead, hope a flight and start afresh on the west coast. Or, sell off all of his possessions that don’t fit in the back of his Buick and drive that behemoth across the country with a close friend. Guess which option I coerced him into making?

Stay tuned for posts (and photos) along the way!

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