New Toys!

I picked up some new toys tonight after school: A light fixture Natural temp compact fluorescent Vegetable nutrients pH test solution Rockwool grow media Zipties Measurement vessel Next I will be finalizing the assembly, more to come.

We have germination!

The seeds are already in the beginning stages of germination. I know the picture is terrible, but you can see a layer of mostly clear matter forming around the seeds. It is most evident around the seed on the bottom right, you can see a brown outline. Very exciting!

Why Washington State’s new Discover Pass system is bullshit

Do you want to go somewhere outdoors this Summer to hike or fish or camp? You better plan some pre-activity suffering on your computer. Why? Washington state, in an effort to prevent the closure of 100 of our 119 state parks, has implemented a new paid access plan for parks. For $30 a year (I’ll […]