Optoma HD70 Color Wheel Trouble

I was watching an old episode of Dexter the other day (I know, I’m late to the party) and my projector (an Optoma HD70) image became an off color for just a second, but most alarmingly started to make a terrible buzzing/whirring/grinding noise, almost like a bad computer fan. There are a couple of high […]

Carne Asada From Scratch

Oh boy! I’ve been waiting (who knows why) to make this for a long time. Without further ado; carne asada. I ended up doing a ton of research before making this dish. I wanted a reasonably authentic taste (Safeway-brand taco seasoning? No thanks), and it is surprisingly hard to find authentic Mexican recipes. I synthesized […]

Phanaeng (Panang) Curry with Chicken

I love the way a recipe can get passed a long, it leads to foods sweeping an entire region (sometimes an entire country) in the blink of an eye. This recipe came to my by way of my little sister, Hannah. Phanaeng curry originates from the Phanaeng Islands which are part of Malaysia. I won’t […]

Goodbye Boxee, and Good Riddance!

Initially, I loved Boxee. It was the cat’s meow in terms of media management, and media playback. As someone who has ripped (and re-encoded) 200+ DVDs more than once, it was a welcome relief to have software to pull together album art, names, synopses, etc. I always found the interface less than desirable, and never understood […]

Pizza Margherita

Once in a while I have a good idea. This pizza was definitely a golden moment for me. When I was younger my family travelled abroad and I ordered this pizza in a lot of different countries. Rarely have I seen it in the United States. I know California Pizza Kitchen makes a Margherita pizza, […]

How I Want My Local News

I’m sick of online news. Especially local news. Local newspapers do one of two things, they batter you with ads (Google Adsense or similar) or they are shockingly short on content. Some are both. “Read more in the Nov 15th print edition.” No thanks, I’m reading the online edition right now because I don’t like […]

From Scratch: Fettucini Marinara

I hate canned food. It is all well and good when you’re on a boat at sea for 28 days, at that point canned food is even good, but day-to-day it sucks. I love to make pasta with tomato sauce, but I always bought canned tomatos in order to make it. That changed today! I […]