Update on Scrap

Scrap is in pretty poor shape at the moment. He has been brutalized and vandalized within an inch of his life, but I am happy to report that the wheels are in motion to start getting him fixed. I’m going to be posting a new page for him, where I will list off all the […]

What am I going to do with my summer?

I love summer. Hello, my name is Ezra, and I am an addict. I plan to: Save up, fix Scrap’s motor. Visit Chelan as much as possible. Get out, hike, have fun. Attend the Holloway reunion. Visit friends, either in Utah, Iowa, or both. Make my tan a little less farmer and a little more […]

Sad songs

Every once in a while, I like to find songs that make me sad, or that tell a sad story. Nothing masochistic, just like to expose myself to the full gamut of emotion, and I love powerful stories. Without further ado, here is my list: Lightning / Eric Church Anthem of Our Dying Day / […]