Optoma HD70 Color Wheel Trouble

I was watching an old episode of Dexter the other day (I know, I’m late to the party) and my projector (an Optoma HD70) image became an off color for just a second, but most alarmingly started to make a terrible buzzing/whirring/grinding noise, almost like a bad computer fan. There are a couple of high […]

Goodbye Boxee, and Good Riddance!

Initially, I loved Boxee. It was the cat’s meow in terms of media management, and media playback. As someone who has ripped (and re-encoded) 200+ DVDs more than once, it was a welcome relief to have software to pull together album art, names, synopses, etc. I always found the interface less than desirable, and never understood […]

Website Update: No viruses here

I was running an outdated version of TimThumb with a known vulnerability for a while, I updated my install a while back but apparently some naughty code was left behind and recently became active. If Google caught you in a redirect and warned you that my site may contain malware, fear not! The problem is […]

MacBook Air 11″ Internal Display Connector

This is the display connector in the new 11″ MacBook Air. To remove the display clamshell this must be unplugged. Upon re-installation it is very important to note that the machine will not boot with connector installed upside down. There are no clear identifying markings on the connector to indication its orientation. If installed incorrectly […]