Evernote and Safari Reader

I like the new Safari (5.0). It seems like a sturdy update to the application, and while I prefer Google Chrome (because it syncs with everything else I use) I have discovered quite a unique use for the Reader function of Safari 5. If you print the ‘Reader-ed’ page as a PDF to Evernote you […]

How to Fix Netflix Watch Instantly ‘Individualization Failed’ or Error 8152 on legitimate Apple hardware.

I’m posting this because I could not find the solution to this problem anywhere online, and I hate having to call into customer support to get a step-by-step answer. I purchased a Mac Mini for use in my home theatre around the same time that my Boxee (www.boxee.tv) beta invitation came in, so naturally, the […]

Setting up Google Analytics

When setting up Google Analytics, remember to give GA the path to the area of your site where the code has been added to the pages. For example, I’m only tracking the blog, so: http://www.ezramoore.com = no good. but http://www.ezramoore.com/blog = was able to connect with GA just fine. I’m happy to be experimenting with […]